Where the “Power of Love Lives”

Gone... Not Forgotten

                                                                  To Late Mireille Bernard (1953-2009)

Her heart has stopped
    But her love for the finest things are passed to us
single rose

Her touch has stopped touching
    But our hearts have been touched forever

Her smiles shine no more
    But we will always smile because we knew her

Her eyes will no longer see us
    But our eyes will keep watching over what she has built

Her taste for cooking will no longer be here
    But we will taste always her everlasting food- Love for Jehovah

Her physical love may no longer be here
    But we will always appreciate her love for all

Her witnessing of the good news has ceased
    But we cannot stop witnessing the good news

                               This is the only way for us not to forget her
                                                 And to
                               Witness the resurrection of our beloved:
                                Wife, mom, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin, and friend

                                                     Mireille Bernard
©2009, 2012 wallythepoet - all rights reserved


Embedded Song: Sing to Jehovah, Song #111.

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Photo Credit: Afranko Blog. (n.d.). Afranko Blog. Retrieved June 20, 2014, from http://www.afranko.net/2013/12/single-red-rose-wallpaper/

This poem Highlights:

  • Reasons why Mireille will not be and cannot be forgotten.
  • What we can do to imitate Mireille's character traits.
  • Why death does not the “end of all.”

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Remember Mireille Bernard as the best wife, mom, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin, and friend ever.
  • Point out that Jehovah never forgets the deeds of his loyal servants.
  • Witness about the resurrection hope. Without it, our loved ones would be gone forever.

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