Where the “Power of Love Lives”


“With Hope”

                                                                                                                                           Reader: Victoria Jean-Brice


We always have hope
For that, we don't despair
Anything is possible With Hope.

When we start to believe in the power of the powerful
There will be no room in us to fear the unexpected.

We always try hard to be the best among the best.
We don't measure our love


“With Hope”

Anything is possible.

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This poem Highlights:

  • How hope makes things possible.
  • How hope is within us.
  • How hope makes us better people.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Affirm that Jehovah gives hope to hopeless.
  • Show love is the center of our hope.
  • Prove with hope, our dreams and what drives us can make become a reality.
  • Confirm that true hope is to believe in God.
  • Affirm With hope, anything is possible.

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